Swamp Paddle

New Orleans is teeming with excitement. The food was amazing (o-m-g, the food…), the music on every corner, the ability to walk the streets with cocktail in hand…it’s a pretty incredible city. I love getting out of my small town of Berthoud, Colorado to experience culture in other cities. Bourbon Street? Smells like vomit, and I could have left that behind. The architecture that maps the city still maintains charm, and even the homes that have been abandoned are so overgrown and green that they don’t leave a foul taste in your mouth.

While one could spend years in the city exploring everything it has to offer, the outdoorsy gal in me started pondering what lies beyond the city. That’s how I became interested in the swamp. Well, that coupled with the flight into NOLA which makes you wonder what lurks in those stagnant waters. Our group was led by kayak into the swamp by a seventy-something-year-old-ripped-dude…who knew a lot about the area. The tour actually exceeded my expectations. In the past, I have always associated ‘swamp’ with ‘nasty water’, but it’s really an incredible ecosystem. We saw turtles, alligators, a large variety of birds and owls. Ramming our kayaks through overgrown water plants reminded me of hacking at vines with a machete in Peru. It feels a lot like a jungle. My favorite moments of the trip were those of stillness. Listening to the bugs and animals hum and the trees dance was an amazing experience. Though the alligator swimming in our path was pretty awesome, too. 

I highly recommend checking out this option next time your visit the Big Easy.