Winter Ascent

The truth is, I am very much not a morning person. Aaron wonders if x-ray techs ever come across “lazy bones” in their work… Anyway, that all being said, the Spring Forward time change gets me every year, and I have finally figured out the solution…wake up at 4am and catch sunrise somewhere amazing. The weather forecast across the mountains wasn’t ideal, but Amber and I decided to go for it, and ascend Quandary Peak. We figured if we had an early enough start that we had a chance at the summit. A winter climb of Quandary has been on my list for a while, because hiking this 14er in the summertime just doesn’t make sense to me…there are simply too many people on the mountain at any given time.

We started at earliest morning light, and around 11,500 feet enjoyed an amazing sunrise. The clouds behind Quandary Peak were ominous, but the peak was still in view. Above 13,000 feet the wind really whipped, it was snowing and we found ourselves in whiteout conditions. Respecting the weather for the day, we kicked up our heels and headed back down the mountain.

This day was a good reminder of the power of nature, and that we are tiny compared to the big picture.